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Walking With Your Congregation
(Without Losing Yourself)

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Dr. Lynema presents info at event for Pastors, Deacons, Elders and their spouses held at Redeemer OPC in Ada Michigan on 1/23/23

  • Recorded Webinar Reg

    • Includes:
    • Access to All 4 Session Recordings (over 5 hours total)
    • Printable Reference Guide
    • Intro to Dr. Lynema Recording
    • Resourcing Presentation Recordings

Webinar Preview

Preview of recorded content available from event (6:21)

Session Details:

Session 1 - Healthy Individuals - Responsibilities and Boundaries

Orienting to God's design for healthy individuals and relational interactions. Building practical discernment in recognizing and implementing boundaries to guard yourself, your family, and those you serve while still deeply caring for others. 


Session 2 - Emotional Reactivity and Self-Care

Opening our eyes and ears to the heart of conflict. Learn to recognize and tend to the fuel rather than getting lost in the flames. Steps to learning the practice of caring for self and utilizing that to empower care towards others.


Session 3 - Understanding Trauma - Paths and Pits to Personal Healing

Recognizing and resourcing when those you serve are hurt or stuck. Discerning healthy resources where you can point your congregation that will honor their value, support grieving vulnerability and loss, attend to healing from victimization, build towards personal responsibility, and reinforce healthy connections. 


Session 4 - Grace vs Shame vs Enabling

When to step in and when to lean out? Discerning health and timing in God's design for emotional and relational support.

Therapy Client Videos


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