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About Dr. Lynema

My first experience observing an intensive was in 2009 and I fell in love with what God was doing through this ministry. The model utilized by Focus on the Family in the Hope Restored program presented a clear way to orient to God's design for health and healing in marriage. I watched as couples who wanted a new start got their "blueprints" for how to build something new and experience fruit from their effort.

Following completion of my Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Wheaton College, I worked for about 8 years in outpatient practice. My practice focused on healing marriages and also in working with adults with a history of trauma, abuse or neglect to rebuild relationships and functioning. 

In 2018, I had the tremendous honor to join in the stream of what God is doing through Hope Restored by joining the team as the Site Clinical Director for the new Michigan location. After 3 1/2 years of building the team and location, I made the decision to transition into contracting to better balance life at home with my husband and two young kids. I am grateful to continue to be  a part of the team providing intensives and to have the space to do follow up telehealth appointments with alumni. 


Continuing Momentum

Couples often experience significant progress at a Hope Restored intensive. Working with Dr. Lynema to navigate building a healthy marriage, using Care Cycles, Heart Talk and Work Talks at home can help you continue that momentum.

I love helping couples live into the fullness of who they have been called and created to be. I want to help people find a way to stop "winging it" and use the tools to build a marriage they are both excited to be a part of even while managing the real issues of life in a broken world. 

Get started by signing up for a free 30 minute informed consent meeting.

Therapy Sessions
30 Min Informed Consent Meeting
Screenshot 2023-11-03 7.48.16 AM.png

Free Appointment - Required Before Therapy Services - Available for Hope Restored Alumni Only

  • Can be scheduled separate or back to back with first therapy appointment

  • Appointment will be by Video Telehealth 

    • Clients must reside in Michigan OR​ a participating PSYPACT State (dark blue in map below)

  • Understanding of Telehealth Services and Limitations

  • Understanding of Scheduling and Billing

  • Understanding Therapy Treatment​​

  • Referral to other services, if more appropriate

  • Availability Fridays from 9am - 2pm ET

Family Therapy

One couple

Therapy treatment for Hope Restored Intensive Alumni

  • All appointments are Video Telehealth 

  • First appointment focused on goals and understanding previous treatment outcomes

  • Customized therapy and treatment

  • Scheduled as a 6 week course - can be set up weekly or bi-monthly

    • $1,450 to be paid at schedule of first appointment

      • one time payment in full, or

      • half at first, half prior to 4th appointment

      • While Dr. Lynema does not participate with insurance or direct bill to a 3rd party, a superbill can be provided for client to submit to insurance or HSA

  • Availability Fridays from 9am - 2pm ET 

  • Scheduled clients also gain access to a library of 30+ videos breaking down each piece of the tools and concepts that can be accessed as needed. 

Consultation or Event 

Dr. Lynema is available to discuss consultation or speaking event services

  • Event topics and length are able to be customized

  • Fees are determined by length of event or service and size of event

Previous Events

Available Services 

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